Vans Skatepark Orlando
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5220 International Dr Orlando, FL 32819

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Orlando Skatepark features

Main Street Course The 25,000 square foot indoor street course includes numerous street obstacles. From handrails to quarter pipes, this course has it all. Surfaced in _ inch birch and skatelite, the course includes pyramids, step ups, rails, ledges, hubbas and much more.

Dough Boy Bowl The cement Dough Boy Bowl features depths from 4 to 8 feet. Half pool coping half metal coping, this bowl is enjoyed by bowl riders of all skill levels. On any given night, the Dough Boy attracts a heated session by some of Orlando’s best bowl riders.

Warm Up Street Course The 8,000 square foot street course is a fast compact course that includes all of the features of the main street course, only smaller. This course is perfect for warming up and fine tuning your skills to take to the main street course. Course features include pyramids, boxes, quarter pipes, hubbas and more.

Outdoor Course The 15,000 square foot outdoor concrete street course caters to all types of skaters. Whether you’re looking for a nice flow course with bowls or a ten-stair handrail, this course has it. The course features manual pads, six-stair set, ten-stair set, multiple bowls, hips, handrails and a lot more.

Vert Ramp The competition vert ramp is 40’ wide with 10’ 3” transitions and 1’ 9” of vert surfaced in skatelite. There is a one-foot extension on one side of the ramp creating 2’ 9” of vert!

Mini Ramps There are two mini ramps available at the park that are both surfaced in skatelite. The spine mini ramp is 5 feet high and 23 feet wide with a spine ramp in the middle. The far side of the ramp includes a one-foot extension. The main mini ramp is 6 1/2 ‘ high and 52‘ wide with multiple extensions on the far side. This ramp has extensions that range from one foot all the way to a four-foot monster extension that has two feet of vert!

Arcade The arcade area includes some of the latest arcade games that you can play when you need a break.

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Oct. 7, 2009
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