Courtyard Stairs
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70 Massachusetts 28, Orleans, MA 02653, USA

There are a whole bunch of stairs here and they are all visible from the stair your in. But they can see you through that huge corridor that goes over the school. Please dont get kicked out try to keep it light or at night... Thats my rule in high bust areas. Anyways I go here and they will close down the skatepark for a bit. Possibly but try to keep it light. There is a little tiny bank under the corridor I was able to ollie over that when i was like 10.That wasnt a real ollie... Yay for you if you read all of this! FUN HILL TO SKATE FOR BEGINNERS!

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Dec. 21, 2014
Jan. 23, 2015

ONE PROBLEM... You have to be here while school is in session. Its usually open near the end of school. Like 2:40 as of Eastern Time zone. Yeah I know that I could get In trouble for doing this but Ill doubt youll even skate here if there was a huge gate they just put up. Open only from the inside so yeah.