Horfield Skatepark
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A38, Bristol, City of Bristol BS7 0QA, UK

A big concrete skatepark, smooth surface, Featuring both a multi level plaza type street section and transition section with simply but good flow. Not to mention it is has floodlighting year-round. The street section consists of a top level that has a hubba and manny pad leading down to the second level; This has a big flat area with curved ledge, a 5 stair with hand rail and hubbas; with flat-banks either side, and two separate 4 stairs one after the other, with hand rails, small flat-banks to the side, and hubbas running down both sides. To the side of the sreet course is the transition section; this is made up of a roll-in and a wide 5 foot quarter-pipe one side, and the other side forming the whole back wall of the park; two wide 5 foot quarter-pipe separated by flat-bank. In the middle is a wide 4 foot volcano. A super smooth skatepark, floodlight with both good street/ plaza style obstacles and transition section, Definitely worth a visit!

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Aug. 7, 2015
Manual Pad