Long Bank
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288-348 U.S. 6, New Bedford, MA 02740, USA

Read THIS!!! The only way to get to this spot, is by going one way... There is this super long bank and parking nearby, so If you want to skate here and make it look cool your pretty crazy because what I can see go down is going down the bank coming to the stairs handrail thats going up in their perspective the ollie back off into the bank again. I said crazy. But beginners could have some fun too. With the bank being there. The thing is. There is no lip to grind on, No rock to fakies or board to kickturns. So no really much stuff to do on it. With the fence in the way. The bank is actually pretty tall after I just looked at it. The stairs are skateable but not with an ollie, there are 1, 7 stair and 1, 5 stair I'd say just plant them you know just for fun. I dont know do what yall skaters do. There are some lights but that is a bit further down. Just made you read all this. Cool story bro.

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Aug. 20, 2015